Obinata Private Onsen

Private Onsen has been canceled this season.



Refresh your mind, relax your body,
reminiscence about the day’ s activities
Obinata…a Japanese outdoor onsen

Warning・Etiquette – Obinata Private Onsen Checklist

1. Medical Conditions and Health

・ Take precautions if you have a heart condition, you are pregnant or suffer from other serious medical conditions. The onsen water temperature may affect or worsen your condition/illness.

2. Warning

・ For your health and the safety of others please do not enter the onsen if you have already consumed alcohol. There is a high possibility you could experience dizziness, dehydration and feel faint. In this regard we have the right to refuse your entry.

*At Obinata Private Onsen only, if you like, guests can purchase one drink from the
vending machine at Obinata (non-alcohol, alcohol). Please do not bring your own alcohol.

3. Prohibited items and rules

・ Do not use hair dyes in the onsen.
・ Do not bring or eat food in the onsen.
・ Do not bring glass bottles into the onsen area.
・ Do not bring accessories/jewelry into the onsen.
The strength of the onsen could have adverse effects against some accessories.

4. How to enter the onsen

・ First rinse your body with the onsen water provided and use the small bucket to remove excess oils and/or perspiration. As you rinse your body with the water before you enter the onsen, you should adjust more easily rather than experiencing any sudden hot temperature ‘shock’ to the body. Rinse your body again at the end.

・ Warning* Do not stay in the onsen for a long time. You could become dizzy.
E.g. enter the onsen for about 3 minutes and rest. Repeat this a few times as your
body will adjust to the onsen temperature. Take care when getting out from the hot
onsen into the cold temperature, exit the onsen slowly.

・ Naturally you will perspire therefore please drink plenty of water.

5. Skincare

・ The high alkaline present in Happo onsen will make your skin smooth. Any oil, and/or perspiration will naturally be removed. The waters are naturally hot, after you finish from the onsen, we recommend you moisturize your body with cream or lotion. *The onsen does not provide moisturizer, you are welcome to bring your own.