High alkaline,
    natural hydrogen hot spring.
    The only one in Japan!Welcome to Hakuba Happo Onsen.

    Hakuba Happo Onsen is a hot spring resort located at the foot of the Hakuba mountain range.
    Please enjoy a relaxing hot spring trip whilst taking in the spectacular views of the Northern Alps.



    Direct buses are convenient between Shinjuku and Hakuba!

    Direct buses are convenient for travelling between Shinjuku and Hakuba, eliminating the hassle of trains and transfers. There are many tourist information centers with foreign-language speaking staff around the bus terminals of Shinjuku and Hakuba, providing a safe and comfortable environment for foreign travelers.



    ①世界的にも珍しい個性豊かな温泉 ②蛇紋岩が生んだ白馬八方温泉の奇跡 ③白馬八方温泉の歴史

    Reasons to visit
    Hakuba Happo

    4 public bathing facilities and 3 foot baths

    Hakuba Happo Onsen has four public hot spring bathing facilities: Happo-no-Yu, Mimizuku-no-Yu, Obinata-no-Yu, and Sato-no-Yu.

    Also, visitors can enjoy any of the three rejuvenating footbaths to relieve fatigue from walking.

    Hot spring water is also supplied to the local hot spring hotels & inns.

    4 public bathing facilities and 3 foot baths

    AboutHakuba Happo Onsen

    Hakuba Happo Onsen is a highly-alkaline hot spring that flows out of the surrounding layers of serpentine rock. With a pH over 11, it is rare to find one with such high alkaline level worldwide, and it is also renowned for being Japan's only natural hydrogen hot spring.

    This highly alkaline spring water, with its antioxidation properties, has a slick feel under the water, and is renowned for its ability to gently clean away dead skin cells, meaning that after a soak in the hot water, you will immediately feel your skin has become smooth and silky.

    Hakuba Happo Onsen

    Food &

    There are several unique local products available for purchase in Hakuba Happo Onsen, such as "Onsen Ramen Noodles” that have been kneaded with hot spring water and are noteworthy for their smooth texture, and delectable "Onsen Manju Bun" which are soft buns filled with sweet-bean paste.

    Onsen Ramen Noodles
    Onsen Manju Bun


    Located at the foot of the beautiful Northern Alps in Nagano.
    Visitors can enjoy Hakuba's scenic nature and soothing hot spring baths.

    Hakuba Happo Onsen is located in the western part of Hakuba Village, in Nagano Prefecture. Situated at the foot of Happo-One Ski Resort, the area boasts clean air and abundant nature. The backdrop changes from season to season, and there are plenty of attractions to enjoy no matter what time of year you visit, so please be sure to stop by Hakuba Happo Onsen during your stay in Japan.


    Happo-no-Yu Onsen
    Happo-no-Yu OnsenShow on Google Map
    • 10 mins on foot from Hakuba Happo-one Gondola Station
    • 5 mins by car from Hakuba Station
    Mimizuku-no-Yu Onsen
    Mimizuku-no-Yu OnsenShow on Google Map
    • 5 mins by car from Happo-one Ski Resort
    • 10 mins on foot from Hakuba Station
    Obinata-no-Yu Onsen
    Obinata-no-Yu OnsenShow on Google Map
    • 10 mins by car from Hakuba Station
    Sato-no-Yu Onsen
    Sato-no-Yu OnsenShow on Google Map
    • 5 mins on foot from Happo-one Ski Resort's Nakiyama Slope
    • 8 mins by car from Hakuba Station