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Are people with tattoos prohibited from bathing?

People with tattoos are welcome to use our facility.

Up to what age are children allowed in mixed bathing?

In accordance with the Public Baths Act Enforcement Ordinance and national trends, our facility also has an age limit of 6 years old or younger for mixed bathing.
As children may bathe alone, we ask for everyone's understanding and cooperation in keeping an eye on children to prevent accidents in the bathroom and other areas.

Can babies take a bath?

Babies can take a bath at our baths. However, please be careful and take care when bathing after going to the toilet. We also have baby baths and baby chairs available at Happo-no-Yu and Mimizuku-no-Yu.

Is there a sauna?

We do not have a sauna.

Are towels provided?

We have face towels available for sale (250 yen) and rental towels (400 yen).

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is prohibited inside the store.

Is there a final admission time?

Admission will close 30 minutes before closing time.

Are shampoo and other amenities provided?

Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are provided in the bathroom.

Are there any payment methods other than cash?

At Happo-no-yu and Mimizuku-no-yu, you can pay by credit card, barcode payment, or QR code payment.
Unfortunately, at Obinata-no-yu and Sato-no-yu, payment must be made in cash.

Are there any private baths?

Our facility does not have any private baths.
However, we are planning to operate a private open-air bath at Obinata no Yu during the winter.

Can I wear a swimsuit when bathing?

Sorry, but you cannot enter the hot springs wearing a swimsuit or underwear.

Are there any regular closing days?

Happo-no-Yu and Mimizuku-no-Yu are open every day.
However, if they are closed for facility maintenance, an announcement will be made in the building and on our website.
* Obinata-no-Yu is only open in the summer, and Sato-no-Yu is only open in the winter.

Can I bring in food and drinks?

Bringing food and drinks into the building is prohibited.

Can I just use the restaurant?

When you enter the facility, you will be charged an admission fee as a bathing fee.
Even if you only use the restaurant, a bathing fee (admission fee) will still be charged.

What if I left something behind at the hot spring?

We will keep lost items for up to two weeks.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us as soon as possible and come to the store.


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