Recommended Foods at Hakuba Happo Onsen

Enjoy local food & confectionary during your trip to the hot springs.

白馬八方名物 温泉まんじゅう

Hakuba Happo Specialty
Onsen Manju (Sweet Buns)

These small cakes are soft buns made with brown sugar and filled with a sweet bean paste. They are locally made in Hakuba Village, ensuring visitors can enjoy freshly made local products. Even though they have a relatively short expiry date, they are still very popular as souvenirs.

Sales Locations
  • Individual buns are sold at Happo-no-Yu Onsen and Mimizuku-no-Yu Onsen.
    It is recommended to enjoy them as a treat after taking a bath.
  • Packs of 6 are sold at Hakuba Roadside Station, at Fujiya Souvenir Shop in front of Hakuba Station, and at Happo Information Center, as well as various local hotels and inns.
Silky Texture Onsen Udon Noodles

Silky Texture
Onsen Udon Noodles

These udon noodles are made mainly by combining wheat flour with hot spring water, and thanks to their smooth and glutinous texture are delicious even without adding salt, which is usually required to bring out the full texture. Enjoy these exquisite local noodles in a soup broth for a refreshing meal.

Sales Locations
  • Available at Ohyokkuri Honten Restaurant or at various hotels & inns in Happo town.
Made with hot spring water Onsen Ramen Noodles

Made with hot spring water
Onsen Ramen Noodles

These Ramend Noodles are kneaded with hot spring water and are noteworthy for their smooth texture.

Sales Locations
  • Happo Bijin Noodle Restaurant, located next to Happo-no-Yu Onsen.

Local Restaurants Guide

  • Happo Bijin
  • Ohyokkuri Honten